Year 5 teacher receives National Excellence in Teaching Award

Coeducation is education for life. Naturally

Congratulations to Junior School teacher, Kylie Chatto, who is one of just 12 teachers across Australia – and one of only four Junior School teachers in the nation – to be awarded a 2019 National Excellence in Teaching Award for her outstanding and innovative teaching practice!

Nominated by students and parents, in her subsequent submission Kylie writes:

“After leading a new teaching initiative in my school, I had a moment where I thought to myself ‘I have no idea what innovation really means in education.’

“People often talk about my innovative practice, so imagine my crisis of confidence. Fortunately, as often does, my moment of doubt was followed by a moment of clarity. I was thinking of innovation as a thing; I was attempting to quantify it.

“It struck me that innovation has nothing to do with programs or measuring a result. Innovation has everything to do with cultivating a disposition. Innovation is a way of thinking and learning; it is growing a belief about one’s own capacity to be a true agent of their journey. Innovation in education is about shifting priorities and providing authentic opportunities to collaborate and engage in the community to solve real and meaningful problems.

“From here, I was able to truly reflect on what innovative education is and what our students need from their schools…

“… Innovation in education is not a thing. It’s not something that can be added into a conventional system and it’s not a subject that can be taught between History and Technology. It is so much more.

“What our students need is for their teachers to skilfully and purposefully create and hold space for them to boldly tackle their own learning. Innovative education is about providing meaningful opportunities for students to collaborate with one another and network within their communities. It’s about developing their characters, their skills and their dispositions.

“Innovative practice is about empowering students to seek and take on problem-solving and learn that they can make a difference in their world.

“Much of the future experiences of our students is unknown, but what I can say without a doubt, is that it’s an exciting time to be a teacher!”

Congratulations, Kylie, from all of us at ASC.