Year 2 Curious Curators

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Year 2 Curious Curators

ALL Saints’ College Year 2 students became “curious curators” when they changed the Junior School Library into a ‘History Box Museum’ for two weeks in September.

The students proudly displayed photographs and objects from their grandparents’ and great grandparents’ era. The historical items were showcased in or on shoeboxes with an individual information card and QR code. The QR code linked to a video of each student describing what was in their History Boxes.

This engaging challenge was initiated by a Year 2 excursion to the Melville Discovery Centre and the creative idea of “History Boxes” suggested by the Assistant Curator of the centre, Mrs Yolanda Cool. This activity covered areas of the Australian Curriculum for History.

The Year 2 students invited Mrs Cool to view their History Museum. As well, all of the students in the Junior School were able to take a fascinating walk into the past and discover changes in technology, photography, toys, clothing, tools and appliances. All the students learned how the past is an important part of our lives today.

“I showed the students how to be investigative curators and they learnt how to collect stories from objects so that they have meaning, as well as place them in time,” Mrs Yolanda Cool said.

“They were also shown how to create an exhibition, which shared their stories they collected in their boxes.

The program has been running this semester at the Discovery Centre and has been successful with around 14 schools participating. The All Saints’ Year 2s were the first to finish their Museum Exhibition in a Box project.”

All Saints' College year 2 students with teacher Curious Curators

Year 2 students with Mrs Yolanda Cool