What is the All Saints’ difference?

Coeducation is education for life. Naturally

All Saints’ College is proudly a non-selective and coeducational Anglican school that values diversity. Diversity of gender is central to that, as is the diversity of our students’ abilities, culture, faith, interests and so on.

All Saints’ inclusive culture actively celebrates difference and diversity. In addition to reflecting the diverse wider society in which our students will eventually be collaborating, creating and problem-solving alongside other global citizens and members of the opposite sex, the College’s unique culture is also a rich environment in which our students learn from one another, seeing the world through a variety of lenses, and thus developing a deep and authentic empathy for other perspectives.

That diversity of our student population sees the College committed to an “ATAR Plus” approach to our offering: while the vast majority of our boys and girls strive to achieve their highest possible ATAR, we also cater for those looking to pursue a General pathway, an Enterprise pathway and / or a Hybrid pathway. Students are supported in their enterprises through Propeller Industries (our Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship), and Runway, our pop-up shop which features the goods and services of our current students.

In 2019, All Saints’ College will continue to develop well-researched innovations in our teaching and learning space to ensure we are offering the widest possible choice for our diverse student community.

We do this because we believe one of our core responsibilities is to ensure our diverse student population is equipped to step confidently into a future characterised by rapid change and uncertainty: to do so requires a skillset that includes initiative and enterprise, skills of creation and collaboration, a passion for problem-finding and problem-solving.

And “knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do”, as we put it, in this exciting though uncertain future also requires a strong moral compass: All Saints’ boys and girls know that – when faced with uncertainty –  they only need ask ERIC, our College values of empathy, respect, integrity and courage, for a clear sense of guidance.

Underpinning all of this is Djoowak: The Beyond Boundaries Institute (BBI) which the College launched in 2018. The BBI is committed to exploring new and flexible structures for learning that facilitate all of the above. In 2019, the BBI will be increasing its presence and profile across the College.

Next week – What is the Djoowak: Beyond Boundaries Institute?