What is Djoowak: The Beyond Boundaries Institute (BBI)?

Coeducation is education for life. Naturally

Dedicated to innovation and leadership in educational practices, the BBI is committed to exploring and implementing at ASC new and flexible structures for learning that recognise, and are focused on, our College’s diverse student cohort’s interests, abilities, passions, skills and futures.

At ASC, we believe that, for each of our students, it is through the pursuit of their passions and interests that they can achieve the elusive goal of self-actualization. Associated with this and further, fundamental to the BBI’s mission is All Saints’ College’s belief in the importance of student-centred learning and the even greater imperative of student-directed learning or heutagogy. With our College motto in mind – To Serve with Wisdom and Courage – the BBI also recognises that developing our students’ capacity to serve and create value for others is central to all we do.

In this, the BBI recognises the work of Project Zero’s David Perkins in “Beyonding Education”:

  • beyond content – focusing on 21st century skills and competencies;
  • beyond local – embracing global perspectives, problems and studies;
  • beyond topics – transforming topics into tools of broad understanding;
  • beyond disciplines – embracing interdisciplinary topics and problems;
  • beyond academic engagement – fostering personal significance, commitment and passion.

In our growing innovation economy, the Institute aims to prioritise and operationalise these imaginings and more.

At ASC, these commitments see us focusing our attention on, for instance:

  • an integrated approach that acknowledges that effective teaching and learning do not take place in ‘silos’ or isolated departments;
  • providing a “personalisable” education;
  • the fact that much rich learning occurs before 8.30am and after 3.30pm;
  • the fact that much rich learning also occurs informally as well as formally;
  • online and offline learning;
  • no one ‘pathway’ to a tertiary education or to a range of futures;
  • ensuring our students are interacting and learning in local, national and global contexts;
  • preparing our students not just for an exam, but for a fulfilling life;
  • the blurring of traditional secondary and tertiary boundaries.

ASC and the BBI contribute to and lead a narrative that tests and challenges current paradigms, seeking to become a focal point for a connected, global educational community. The BBI is committed to making a meaningful contribution to the national and international educational debate through encouraging a culture of learning, reflection and connection that advances leading educational practice, and through sharing its learning.

As part of this, the BBI provides world-class pedagogical leadership, and is committed to transforming teaching and learning through a responsive professional development program for all teaching staff. This program sees ASC staff working alongside globally-recognised educational transformers, harnessing the collective experience, skills, resources and wisdom of our suite of valued partners from national and international educational institutions, community groups and industry.

Next week – What lies ahead for the BBI in 2019?