Well done, Class of 2018!

Well done, Class of 2018!

The All Saints’ College community is pleased to celebrate with our Class of 2018 some outstanding WACE results.

While, as a non-selective school, we believe that there are about as many measures and definitions of ‘success’ as there are students at the College –  we recognise, with our diverse student population choosing from a range of course options, the importance of personalised programs and individual goals and achievements – at this time of year, we acknowledge and celebrate some wonderful academic achievements on a state- and nation-wide scale.

In that regard, we are proud to announce that:

  • 7 percent of All Saints’ eligible Year 12 cohort achieved an ATAR of 99 or above;
  • 24 percent of our Class of 2018 achieved an ATAR of 95 or above;
  • 43 percent of our Year 12s achieved an ATAR of 90 or above.

2018 Dux and Proxime Accessit

We celebrate the fact that our College Dux, Aron Thian, aged just 16, achieved a ‘perfect score’ ATAR of 99.95. Aron achieved  a scaled score of 100 in Physics, Mathematics Methods and Mathematics Specialist. He also studied Politics and Law, Literature and Chemistry, this year.

Aron commenced his WACE studies at ASC when just 14 years of age, in Year 10, taking Year 11 Chemistry and Year 11 Mathematics Methods that year. In Year 11, he then studied Year 12 Chemistry, Year 12 Methods, Year 11 Politics and Law, Year 11 Mathematics Specialist and Year 11 Physics.

Aron, who hopes to pursue a career in medical research and medicine, combining that with his interest in computer programming, writes, “I owe many thanks to my teachers and the ASC staff who were always there for me to support me and help me in whatever goals I pursued, or problems I faced. Everything I was able to achieve could not have been possible without their dedicated support.”

We congratulate, also, our 2018 Proxime Accessit, Joanne Luo, who achieved an ATAR of 99.9. Joanne studied Mathematics Methods, Mathematics Specialist, Physics, Chemistry, Politics and Law, and Literature.

Joanne writes, “My subject choices were made based on personal interest, and kept my options open for education pursuits beyond school. I’ve had difficulty pinpointing a career pathway, to try to encompass as many of my interests and strengths into a degree. I aspire to begin by studying Engineering Science and Mathematics, with a caution that this is very much subject to change!”

She adds, “I’m extremely grateful for both our cohort and the College staff who provided guidance, motivation and inspiration, and plenty of well-timed laughter. The teachers at the College have offered endless support and encouragement, whether it be in the classroom, cocurricular interests or wider community. I am truly thankful for their dedication and wisdom.”

Well done to Aron and Joanne, and to all members of our Class of 2018, for all they gave to the life of our College, in and beyond the classroom. We wish them well as they now embark upon the next chapter in their learning and lives, and we look forward to their ongoing association with our College community through the Old Saints’ Association and by their participation in the life of our College.