Special Programs

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Orientation and Other Special Programs

In the Transition Program there are five classes of Year 7s and five classes of Year 8s. Forty per cent of the students come from our Junior School and the remainder are new to the College.

To enable a successful transition into the Senior School of the College and to help build relationships between current and new students we have a number of orientation events in place. These include:

  • Orientation activities – at the end of the year before students start in Year 7, an Orientation morning is held which helps to introduce students to each other and to some of the staff and older students they will meet in the coming year. Year 7s going into Year 8 have an afternoon where they meet with their Peer Support leaders and their Tutors for the following year.
  • House Day – This is held on the day before the school year starts. The Years 7 and 8 students catch up with each other, their Tutor, the leaders in their House and their Head of House. It allows them to become established in their classes before the other Senior School students return.
  • Peer Support Program – Year 8 students meet regularly with their Year 11 Peer Support leaders who act as mentors for them in Terms 1 and 2. They meet regularly in small groups over the two terms to get to know each other and the older students in their House.
  • Current Year 6 Parent Tour of the College – This is designed to allow parents of current Year 6 students to look over the Senior School facilities.
    Other public Guided Tours are also advertised through the year.
  • Parent Information Sessions – these begin with one on the Year 7 Orientation Morning and then Year 7 and Year 8 Parent Information Evenings are held early in the school year.

Outdoor Learning Program

The Year 7s have two camps. The first is held early in Term 1 and each class with their Teacher, spends two days and a night at Manjedal Scout Camp in Byford. This program has many activities designed to help students interact and work together. The students then go on a four day camp again at the end of Term 3.  This camp mixes students across the classes so that they can broaden their friendships.

The Year 8s have a five day camp in Term 2 which is held at Mornington Adventure Camp. The program provides opportunities for social interaction and physical challenge, development of outdoor skills and immersion in the natural environment.  Students work within their House groups with their Head of House so the Head of House can get to know better their Year 8 students before they move into the vertical House system at the end of the year.

Click here for more information about the Outdoor Learning Program.

Transition Drama Production and Performing Arts

Each year many of our Years 7 and 8 students throw themselves into an exciting rehearsal period to prepare for their Drama Production. With the help of the Head of Performing Arts and some of the older students, those new to performing learn much about the disciplines of theatre and performance while those who have already had some experience are able to develop their skills further.

There are also many extracurricular opportunities for students to develop their talent in instrumental or vocal music and in dance.  Private lessons are offered in a number of different musical instruments.