Pastoral Care

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Transition Pastoral Care

Tutor Group

Year 7 students spend the greater proportion of their time with their own classroom teachers who take responsibility for the majority of the curriculum areas and pastoral care. The students are also taught by secondary teachers who are able to extend them in specialist areas such as Languages, Art, Religion and Philosophy (R&P), Music and Sport and Physical Education.

The Year 8 students are in Year 8 form classes and have the majority of their lessons in these groups. More than half of their time is spent with a core team of two or three teachers in the areas of SOSE and English, Science and Maths. The Year 8 Tutor teaches the class for eight periods and takes pastoral responsibility for the students. All classes are taught by secondary trained teachers who are specialists in their teaching area. The Year 8 students are also exposed to a wide range of different experiences in the fields of performing arts and design technology. This helps them to decide what options they would like to pursue in Years 9 and 10. Each week the Years 7 and 8 students attend their own Chapel service. The Head of Transition supervises the pastoral care of all Years 7 and 8 students.


In Year 7, the students are allocated their House and they are a member of this House throughout their secondary years. They participate in interhouse competitions such as Thursday afternoon sport, chess and debating. This allows the students to get to know the older students in their House who act as coaches and umpires. The Years 7 and 8 students attend all House activities including House meetings and House afternoons.

By Term 4 of Year 8, when the Year 8s move into House tutor groups made up of Years 9 to 12/13 students, they will already know many of the older students, the House tutors and their Head of House. This allows the Year 8s to become established in their House tutor groups before the start of Year 9.


The aim of the leadership model within the Transition Program is to provide as many Years 7 and 8 students as possible, with the opportunity to experience being in a position of responsibility. This allows them to build their confidence while developing their leadership skills.

Each Tutor Group runs elections to select two Service Representatives and two Class Representatives for a semester. Students are required to nominate for these roles. The Service representatives are rostered to help to run the Chapel Service.  They are involved in the Bible reading, reading a prayer, and in opening and closing the service.  They may also help with other class charity events.  Within the classroom, Class Representatives take responsibility for keeping the Homework Board up to date and they assist the Tutor in the daily administrative tasks. They may bring matters to the Head of Transition on behalf of their class peers. As well, they will be involved in coordinating activities across their year group through their Tutor group.