Pastoral Care Structure

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Senior School Houses

The College’s pastoral team is headed by the Dean of Students and includes the Chaplain, College Counsellors, Head of 7/8 Transition, Heads of House, Head of Service and the Deputy Head of the Junior School, all of whom work collaboratively to provide an environment in which students can feel safe and protected.

In the Senior School, pastoral care is based on a vertical House system. The Senior School is divided into six houses: Cowan, Durack, Forrest, Murdoch, O’Connor and Stirling, each led by a Head of House.

Each House is divided further into five tutor groups, within which each year group is represented. The tutor groups are the heart of the system. The students meet each day with their Tutor. This system allows students to meet and socialise with their peers and with younger and older students. The result is a balanced and integrated school environment with a friendly, supportive atmosphere. The system allows also for the Head of House, along with the Tutor, to supervise the social and personal wellbeing, including the academic progress, of the students in their care.

A feature of the House system is the extensive interhouse competition. The competition comprises many sporting and cultural events allowing students to take an active part in College life. The highly successful Thursday competition sees many students competing in a range of different sports in a friendly environment, with participation and good spirit being the key elements. There is a separate competition involving Debating, Chess, Quiz and Theatre events.

“Each child is valued for the contribution he or she is able to make, and is encouraged to participate to the best of their ability.”