Senior School Music

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Senior School Music

All Saints’ College runs a vibrant music program throughout the College. The Year 7 and 8 Music Programmes are designed to be approachable, interactive, enjoyable and stimulating for students of all musical backgrounds.

The approach is based on the Orff Schulwerk method and influenced by the method of Zoltan Kodaly. These approaches use games, songs, movement and instrumental work as pedagogical tools works alongside a more traditional music education approach.

From Year 9, Music becomes an elective course of study. There are three main components to the Year 9 and 10 music programs:

  • Musicianship,
  • Performance; and
  • History of Music

Year 11 and 12 students undertake Stage 2 or 3 Music Courses, which count towards the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). Students study four areas of music:

  • Aural
  • Cultural and Historical Perspectives
  •  Theory, Composition and Arrangement
  • Instrumental Performance or Composition Portfolio or Research Portfolio

The context within which study takes place is Western Art Music. Instrumental Performance may be in any context. All students undertaking a Music Course must study with a Tutor for Instrumental Performance, Composition Portfolio or Research Portfolio and be involved in a College ensemble. Stage 2 and 3 Music require a high level of musical skill. While it is possible for students to undertake the courses without having successfully studies Year 9 and 10 Music, it is not recommended, as they need to work very hard to cover any gaps in subject knowledge..

Apart from the class room music program, All Saints’ College offers the opportunity for students to receive instrumental tuition in guitar, percussion, harp, organ, piano or any orchestral or band instrument of their choice.

The instrumental program is supported by the extracurricular music program which comprises: Concert Band, Jazz Saints’, String Ensemble, College Orchestra, Intermediate Ensemble, and the Rock Saints. Vocal tuition is also available and Choral Music is an integral part of the music program.