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Technology Integration

All Saints’ College is one of Perth’s leading schools in the integration of technology into the learning process. The College was one of the first in Perth to develop a 1:1 laptop program. Recent changes to the program include issuing a College owned slate computer to all students in the Senior School. This allows the College to provide access to the latest software yet providing a safe, secure and reliable means of making sure computers handle the requirements of a mobile, digital world.

Our students have the facility to be the global citizens of tomorrow as they can reach out to all corners of the world. The College Portal provides access to information and class material anytime, anywhere and serves as a communication tool with the College Community. The infrastructure continues to grow to support the integration of ICT with fast broadband connection and wireless coverage throughout the campus.

The Notebook program truly complements the pedagogy and philosophies which underpin our practice.

Courses are constantly refreshed by the incorporation of the latest innovations in computer hardware and software, and our staff undergo continuous focused professional learning.