Coeducation is education for life. Naturally


At All Saints’ College, our primary aim is to encourage each student to be a self-confident, inquiring, tolerant, positive, well-rounded person with an independent perspective on diverse, deep and pertinent issues, past, current and future.

To this end, our learning programs are deliberately constructed to be student-centred, differentiated, embedded in technology, challenging and rigorous. Individual pathways are planned, monitored and assessed so that the learning needs of each student are met in an environment that is supportive and affirming. The majority of our students are tertiary bound and the College offers students a broad range of curriculum options and the guidance and support to achieve personal academic goals and aspirations. Varied and engaging pathways are offered for those seeking alternative pathways to TAFE or employment. Click here for Subject and Course Information Handbooks.

All Saints’ College attracts and retains high quality teachers, further enhancing its exceptionally strong academic profile. Our teachers are consistently and purposefully professionally developed in order to deliver diverse and superior teaching and learning practices.

All Saints’ College students experience academic challenge and rigour throughout their time at the College. Extension programs have evolved from ‘best practice’ gifted and talented programs. Support classes are offered to those students who require academic help and one-on-one small group encouragement and guidance.

All Learning Areas and courses across each year group offer academic support in either before-school or after-school sessions. For those students who desire the support of a supervised homework program, our Homework Café operates Monday to Thursday until 5.00pm. This is a structured and quiet place where students can work, in the secure knowledge that a teacher is available for help and guidance. Click here for Technology Integration information.