Coeducation is education for life. Naturally

In the most recent Gonski Report, it is clear that developing ways to personalise learning for students so that they can work at, and achieve, their personal best at school will feature in future schools.

In addition, the work of Professor Yong Zhao, Jan Owen AM, Ron Ritchhart, Michael Fullan and Sir Ken Robinson (amongst others) supports the movement towards personalised learning.

According to the previously-cited report from the Mitchell Institute, Personalised learning is:

“…the opportunity for students to take control of their learning experience toward the development of skills to direct and advocate for their own education. Personalised learning is distinct from other related terms, such as ‘differentiated’ and ‘individualised’ learning, because personalised learning is student (ie learner) centred, with students as active participants and ‘designers’ or ‘co-designers’ of their learning, and able to demonstrate and assess their learning. In differentiated and individualised learning, teachers are the designers of the instruction, monitoring and assessment of student learning.”

As a College aiming to cater for the learning needs of individual students we therefore need to:

  • create structures that support personalised learning pathways;
  • create a consistent learning model that connects with our Pedagogical Statement;
  • develop models for using blended learning/ online learning;
  • ensure that our personalised and blended learning models have collaboration at their core;
  • support our staff in their work as teams to create centres for excellence for staff and students.

This approach is some of the work currently being undertaken by Djoowak: the Beyond Boundaries Institute (BBI) which launched at the College in 2018. For more information on this and other initiatives being undertaken, please visit