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H3: Heads, Hearts and Hands

The motto of All Saints’ College, To serve with wisdom and courage, both headlines our current Strategic Plan and underpins the rationale of our progression towards a fully embedded Service Learning program. The imperative to service itself is drawn from the Anglican foundations of the College. The centrality of service to Christian mission can readily be found in the blessing call to action that begins, “Go forth into the world in peace; be of good courage; hold fast to that which is good; render to no one evil for evil; strengthen the fainthearted; support the weak; help the afflicted; give honour to all; love and serve the Lord.” For these reasons our engagement in service as a community is not simply what we do, rather, it is an expression of our identity. Read more about our Rationale here.

Service Learning has a clear focus on engaging with issues of justice and ethics within the curriculum, promoting optimised student learning and positive student wellbeing, engaging the professionalism of the staff, and facilitating a connected community. All Saints’ College seeks to do this with a four-pillared approach based on the concepts of:

Intentional Learning: At its centre, Service Learning is an educational model with educational goals. It is an instructional strategy that overtly seeks to meet learning goals and, in the case of All Saints’ College, to build an understanding of content which is studied through the Australian Curriculum.

Meaningful Service: The aim of all activities in the Service Learning program at All Saints’ College must be that they are of real value to those being served and that they provide an engaging, meaningful and personally relevant experience to the participants.

Diversity: There are two levels at which promoting and understanding of diversity need to be engaged within Service Learning. Clearly, it is important that students are given the opportunity to gain a broader view and respect for the diverse nature of the community, nation and world in which they live. Equally, students need to have their own diverse gifts, talents and interests valued and incorporated into the way they engage with service.

Partnership: The last of these four principles sets the background within which all Service Learning takes place, that of working in mutually beneficial, ongoing partnerships that collaboratively work to address real needs within each of the communities involved.

With this in mind, our Service Learning program meets developmentally appropriate learning needs of the youngest of our students and grows with them as their needs, abilities and capacities expand. In this way, they are continually empowered and enabled to develop their potential to be connected, confident and compassionate members of their society, committed to active and worthwhile service in care for their community and each other.

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Our Programs

There are several ways for all members of our community to become involved in the Service Learning opportunities that H3 provides, both within and beyond the programs that exist in the classroom setting. These include: