Pastoral Care

Coeducation is education for life. Naturally

Pastoral Care in the Primary School

At All Saints’ we pride ourselves on our pastoral care.

The College’s pastoral care and discipline ethos engenders a positive, supportive, caring outlook. The College is firmly committed to a strong and effective vision of pastoral care to support students in all aspects of College life and personal development.

The program is based upon the classroom teachers and senior staff, the College Chaplain and the College Counselling Service. One of our counsellors is located in the Junior School but students are able to choose to speak with either counsellor.

We regard ourselves as working in a team with parents, and we value close communications in both directions with our parents.

Friendly Schools

The Friendly Schools, Friendly Families project was officially launched at the school in May 2004 and forms the basis of our response to bullying. The project is managed by a committee with representatives from all parts of the All Saints’ College community: College management, Junior School and Senior School teachers, a parent, and a College psychologist. An ongoing goal for the committee has been to ensure that the Friendly Schools, Friendly Families policy, in its entirety, is embedded in College practice at all levels. It is integrated into our pastoral program, into curriculum and into the wider College processes.

Our goal is to have a campus where each child feels safe and secure and is valued as an important contributor to our community.

Parent Support

Parent information and support sessions are held during the year to inform parents of current, best practice in education and to assist parents to understand and help in their child’s learning and development.