Cocurricular Activities

Coeducation is education for life. Naturally

Cocurricular Activities

We firmly believe that a well-rounded and healthy individual has a range of recreational interests. Our cocurricular program is designed to offer older children the opportunity to expand their interests and skills.

Our extensive program runs either before school or after school and caters for the varying interests and talents of our students in a relaxed and fun-filled manner.

Some of the activities offered include:

  • Music Tuition
  • Chess
  • Swimming Training
  • Science Talent Search
  • Literature Extension
  • Soccer
  • Athletics and Cross-country
  • Art and Craft activities
  • Computer Club
  • Homework Club
  • Dance

Cocurricular activities are not available for students in Kindergarten, Pre-primary and Year 1. In the early years of schooling, a full day at school is usually enough for the child to manage happily. As they grow and mature they will be ready for more challenges.