Heritage Week 2017 a success!

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Heritage Week 2017 was a great success, with hundreds of students taking part in various activities and events throughout the five day program.

This year Heritage Week focused on the ‘Heritage of Service’ here at the College and the various ways staff, students and families have supported the community since our inception and how this has shaped our philosophy today.

With that in mind, Foundation parents from the very first class of students in 1981 were invited back for a morning tea and tour so they could see how their vision for the College had been realised more than 36 years later.

This year also saw the introduction of a ‘Pop-up Museum’ which featured artifacts from the very beginning of the College; sausage sizzles raising money for the Ethan Davies Fellowship for paediatric brain cancer research; Junior and Senior School Old Saints’ Challenges, where students had to construct a temporary shelter out of newspaper and masking tape for use by people that were homeless or impacted by natural disaster; and the annual Old Saints v Students Sports Event with basketball, netball and indoor soccer games. An announcement on the winner of the Heritage Week House Cup will be made in the coming days.

Thank you to all who took part, particularly the Old Saints who took time out of their schedules to be at the College throughout the week and help facilitate the various events.