Excellence and Diversity

Coeducation is education for life. Naturally


Excellence and Diversity













All Saints’ College is proudly a non-selective school – we value diversity and we enthusiastically celebrate the varied interests, abilities, aspirations and achievements of our student population.

We are also proud that our students, regardless of their abilities and interests, have the courage to strive to be their best selves, in all they take on – whether that is, for instance, on the sports field, on the stage or in the classroom.

Each year we are pleased to also provide a snapshot of All Saints’ College students’ diverse experiences, interests and aspirations, which can be downloaded HERE.


The annual Junior School Day of Culture provides an ideal opportunity for all students to share their family heritage and cultural traditions with one another. All Kindergarten to Year 6 classes participated in a variety of activities to celebrate the day this year, including creating artworks symbolising their heritage, drawing flags, discussing their country of origin and sharing a cultural picnic together.

To conclude the successful day, all students and teachers gathered together on the Junior School oval for an aerial photograph forming a human chain around their cultural artworks and the words, ‘Together we belong’.

The week prior, our Pre-Primary classes celebrated the Holi Hindu spring festival with an afternoon of learning, laughter and play. Before the students made their way outside to celebrate the festival of colour with the customary powder throwing, Junior School Teacher Assistant Mrs Anahita Irani spoke about the meaning of the Indian festival which announces the arrival of spring and the passing of winter. For the next hour the Pre-Primary students and some willing staff playfully coloured one another with the traditional powder, whilst trying to hide from the teachers and their water sprayers. A highlight was seeing the surprised reactions of the students in the mirror following the activity.

These two events are just some of the many cultural activities held at the College and provided not only a wonderful learning opportunity for students, but it was also a celebration of our vibrant and diverse Junior School community.


In Term 3 every year, All Saints’ Colleges celebrates the diverse range of languages spoken by its staff and students. Activities are based around food and games with competitions designed to facilitate learning and an exchange of cultures.