Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does every student have an opportunity to attend All Saints’ College?
All Saints’ College has an open policy on enrolment. Students are not selected according to academic ability, and students of any faith are welcome to attend. All community members are expected to support the Anglican ethos of the College. Priority may be given to siblings and Old Saints’ children, although applications are generally considered based strictly on date of application.

What are your intake years?
As vacancies arise, new students are offered places, but our main intake years are Pre-Kindergarten and Year 5 in Junior School and Year 7 in Senior School.

How many students attend All Saints’ College?
We have 1356 students consisting of 523 in Junior School (Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6) and 833 in the Senior School (Years 7 to 13).

How many students does All Saints’ College have in each class?
Class sizes vary according to age level and subject. While some electives may have as few as three or four students, College policy aims to maintain classes of twenty-four students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 4 and twenty-eight or less from Year 5 to Year 12.

When should I lodge an application?
Owing to demand for places at ASC it is recommended you register an application well in advance of the calendar year of entry. For current information about our waiting lists, please contact the Registrar on 9313 9342.

Can I visit the College?
Regular tours are available throughout the year with times and dates available on the College website. Click HERE to register. The College Registrar is also available to conduct individual tours as required. Please contact the Registrar on (08) 9313 9342 or by email: to request an appointment.

Is there a waiting list for entry to the College?
Demand for places at ASC is strong. For current information about waiting lists, please contact the Registrar on (08) 9313 9342 or by email:

What happens if/when my child is offered a place at All Saints’ College?
Subsequent to interviews, families may be offered a place for their child. A letter of offer will be sent and you will have two weeks in which to accept the position by completion of the Confirmation of Enrolment Form and payment of the endowment fee. This will secure your child’s future place at the College.

Does All Saints’ College provide an Orientation Program?
Yes there are Orientation Programs for incoming new students the year prior to entry. Orientation days for the Junior and Senior School are generally held in November, the year prior to commencement. Orientation for students new to the College in Years 8 to 12 is conducted at the commencement of the school year.

Do you offer scholarships?
The All Saints’ College Scholarship Program exists in order to acknowledge excellence and in order to support a community characterised by diversity – diversity of abilities and talents, interests, backgrounds and so on.

The Program aims to recognise students who will make a strong and positive contribution to the life of All Saints’ College.  We are pleased to offer the following scholarships: Academic Scholarships – Years 5, 7 and 10; Music Scholarship and Performing Arts Scholarship (Drama and Dance) – Years 7 – 11; Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scholarship – Years 5 – 11; Indigenous Scholarship 2019 – Years 5 and above.

Click HERE for further details.

What languages does All Saints’ offer?
Mandarin as a second language is offered in the Junior School from Kindergarten to Year 6. In the Senior School, French and Mandarin are offered to students.

What performing arts opportunities are available at All Saints’ College?
All Saints’ College offers a highly successful performing arts program through its HotHouse Company. Music provides the opportunity to participate in a number of different ensembles ranging from the Jazz Saints to the All Saints’ Singers. Private tuition on a variety of musical instruments is also available. The College also offers study in drama, dance and media programs.

What extracurricular opportunities are available?
All Saints’ is proud of its extensive cocurricular program, offering a variety of cultural, sporting and academic pursuits. These include, for instance, chess, debating, mock trials, robotics, service, rowing, netball, basketball and Lego. These activities all take place on campus.

Are you a ‘laptop’ school?
All Saints’ College is innovative in its approach to information technology. To support the delivery of an exciting and dynamic curriculum, students in Junior School have access to iPads in Kindergarten, Pre-Primary, Years 1 and 2. Years 3 and 4 students have access to notebooks at a ratio of 1:1, and Years 5 and 6 students and all Senior School students all have access to (and take home) a College-owned notebook, the cost of which is covered by a levy in the fees. All technology is repaired and supported on-site in order to minimise disruptions to student learning.

Does All Saints’ have an anti-bullying policy?
The wellbeing of all students at All Saints’ College is paramount, and the College actively teaches students the skills of positive relationships. We are also proactive in our approach to teaching students life skills, including how to respond if a conflict or difficulty arises. Our pastoral care program supports the emotional wellbeing of each student, and this is supported by the highly successful Friendly Schools Friendly Families policy on bullying. Click HERE for more information.

Is there a homework program or extra tutorial program run after school?
For those students who desire the support of a supervised homework program, our Homework Café operates Monday to Thursday until 5.00pm. This is a structured and quiet place where students can work, in the secure knowledge that a teacher is available for help and guidance.

Does All Saints’ College have a pool?
All Saints’ College students benefit from our indoor heated pool and a learn-to-swim pool, both of which are on our 19 hectare campus.

Is there a camp program?
All Saints’ College’s Outdoor Learning Program (OLP) begins in Year 4 and is led by one of Australia’s premier Outdoor Education Teachers. Click HERE to learn more about our OLP.

Are the classrooms air-conditioned?
Every classroom at All Saints’ College has reverse cycle air-conditioning.

Do you have a bus service?
All Saints’ College has a private bus charter servicing a range of areas. Click HERE for detailed information regarding routes and timetables.

Do you have before and after school care?
All Saints’ welcomes three to twelve-year-old children to its Out of School Hours Care program which includes before and after school care. The College also runs a comprehensive Vacation Care Program during school holidays. Click HERE for more detailed information.

If I have any questions or require further information about enrolment or tours who should I contact?
The College Registrar would be delighted to respond to any enrolment queries and can be contacted on 9313 9342 or