Coeducation is education for life. Naturally

Diversity in Two Parts

There are two levels at which promotion and understanding of diversity need to be engaged within Service Learning. Clearly, it is important that students are given the opportunity to gain a broader view and respect for the diverse nature of the community, nation and world in which they live. Equally, students need to have their own diverse gifts, talents and interests valued and incorporated into the way they engage with service.

  1. Broadening our view

We are a relatively wealthy community with easy access to nutritious food and clean water, characterised by good physical and intellectual ability and high levels of education. A well-rounded Service Learning program should expose our community to a broader view of wider human experiences in terms of wealth, education, physical and mental ability, health and needs. This can be done in a manner that opens us to a wider understanding of what it is to be of value, and helps us to appreciate the depth and strength that we can find in multiple perspectives through mutual respect.

  1. Valuing our different gifts

Service Learning has the scope to expand students’ experience, but needs to ensure this is always done in a manner that promotes respect between the College and our partner organisations, working alongside others and reflecting not only on what we can give, but equally on what we have to learn. A deep valuing of difference also needs to be promoted within the All Saints’ community in terms of accepting and honouring the range of gifts, talents, interests and abilities that exists within it. As a part of broadening our understanding of diversity, it is critical that opportunities are extended for service that are accessible to every member of our community. Students who work particularly well with their heads, hearts or hands need to be provided a place to serve, and to have that service acknowledged and honoured as the starting point of engagement, for each of us is different.