David Price OBE visit a success

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David Price OBE visit a success - Pictured (L - R): Belinda Provis, David Price OBE, Esther Hill, Clare Price

(L – R): Belinda Provis, David Price OBE, Esther Hill, Clare Price.

Last week All Saints’ College was privileged to host global educational thought leader David Price OBE and Clare Price who captivated teachers and parents with a series of events.

During their visit, David and Clare held an exclusive two-day professional learning session for teachers from across Perth; a Djaaliny discussion for the public on how communities can make learning more powerful; and a roundtable discussion with educational leaders about the future of the sector.

Principal Ms Belinda Provis said that David and Clare’s trip to the College is part of its commitment to promoting community discussion about the nature and purpose of education in a world that is increasingly impacted by technologies, robots and machine learning.

“David’s book, Open: How we we’ll work, live and learn in the future has been influential in shaping how schools operate in the world of Industry 4.0”, said Ms Provis, “It has been wonderful to have David lead our staff in this important learning”.

Ms Esther Hill, the Director of the Djoowak The Beyond Boundaries Institute (BBI) added: “David and Clare really challenged us as parents and as educators to understand education as being about not only knowledge and skills, but how we teach students to use their knowledge and skills, draw on their values and develop agile and flexible attitudes”.