Congratulations, Class of 2019!

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Congratulations, Class of 2019!

All Saints’ College is pleased to celebrate with our Class of 2019 some outstanding WACE results.

While proudly a non-selective school that believes there are as many measures and definitions of ‘success’ as there are students at our richly-diverse College, at this time of year we acknowledge and celebrate some wonderful academic achievements on both a state- and nation-wide scale.

In that regard, we are proud to announce that:

  • 7 percent of All Saints’ eligible Year 12 cohort achieved an ATAR of 99 or above;
  • 22 percent of our Class of 2019 achieved an ATAR of 95 or above;
  • 39 percent of ASC students achieved an ATAR of 90 or above.

According to TISC, the median ATAR for the state this year is 81.00 and our College’s 2019 median ATAR is 86.5.

(It is worth noting at this point that All Saints’ median ATAR, the data used to determine the academic ‘league tables’, is affected by the important fact that, unlike many schools, All Saints’ College chooses not to impose strict pre-requisites on our students’ entry into certain WACE subjects. Obviously, this decision inevitably impacts our median ATAR, but it is for us an important principle of inclusion – allowing our students to pursue their passions – and one to which we are committed.)

Our 2019 Duces and Proxime Accessit winners

We celebrate the fact that this year we have two ATAR Duces: congratulations to Shevanka (Shev) Dias Abeyagunawardene and Bartholomew Tang who both achieved the perfect score of 99.95.

(Interestingly, there were 15 students across Western Australia who achieved this perfect score, and All Saints’ is very proud to have two of those 15!)

We also celebrate with our 2019 ATAR Proxime Accessit winner, Sineng Jiang, who achieved 99.9.

General Exhibitions

We congratulate Shev Dias Abeyagunawardene, Sineng Jiang and Bartholomew Tang for achieving General Exhibitions (awarded to the top 50 students across Western Australia with the highest WACE award scores based on the average five equated examination scores in ATAR course with at least two from each of the Humanities / Social Science list and two from the Maths / Science list.

Additionally, ASC is proud to make up 20% of the top 10 students overall in Western Australia, with Sineng and Shev both appearing in that list!

Subject Exhibition

Shev was also awarded the Subject Exhibition for Chemistry for achieving the highest exam mark in Western Australia.

Subject Certificates of Excellence

Subject Certificates of Excellence – awarded to those in the top 0.5% of candidates based on the examination mark – were awarded to:

  • Chemistry: Shev Dias Abeyagunawardene, Sineng Jiang
  • English: Grace Hoes
  • Human Biology: Ella Trolio
  • Mathematics Applications: Luke Simpson
  • Mathematics Methods: Sineng Jiang, Zoe Polglase, Bartholomew Tang
  • Mathematics Specialist: Shev Dias Abeyagunawardene
  • Physics: Bartholomew Tang

Well done to these students, and to all our Class of 2019 for the impressive way in which they have balanced their academic pursuits with active participation in, and service to, their community/ies.

On that, Shev – who is keen to study a Bachelor of Science and then Medicine or Engineering at postgraduate level – says: “Throughout the years, I have engaged in a wide range of cocurricular activities in the areas of service, leadership, sports and academia. These experiences have often challenged me and pushed me beyond my limits. I have also been fortunate enough to learn from some incredible and passionate teachers. Their dedication and willingness to help is truly admirable, and I will forever be grateful for the lessons they have taught me, both in and out of the classroom…I would like to thank the College and its community for all the amazing opportunities and experiences that they have provided me with throughout the years.”

And Bart says, “Perhaps the aspect I have enjoyed the most was the balance the College gave us. Being an academically driven student, I have always had study as one of my priorities, but the many opportunities given to us allowed me to be a well-rounded student. I have participated in numerous cocurricular activities from sports to music to debating and have undertaken the responsibilities that come with leadership positions. This balance afforded to us, alongside the friendships I made, have made this ASC experience truly special.” Bart hopes to become a doctor or medical researcher, and volunteer overseas with Doctors Without Borders.

Sineng writes: “I will be forever grateful for the countless opportunities available at the College which give rise to a truly unique and holistic learning experience. With such a wide variety of activities and programs available, anyone can pursue their passions. Personally, I found these in choir, production and interschool debating. I am also grateful for the privilege to serve as Durack House Captain and on programs such as Teach Learn Grow. Throughout my senior school life, All Saints’ continually taught me the importance of serving with humility and empathy, and the value of introspection.” Sineng is keen to study Medicine, with a particular interest in paediatrics and rural health. He also wishes to further his involvement in politics, “seeking to find common ground in an increasingly divided political climate”.

We once again thank, congratulate and wish well all the members of our Class of 2019 as they now embark upon the next chapter in their learning and lives. We look forward to their continued association with their alma mater through the Old Saints’ Association and by their ongoing active participation in the life of our College.