Congratulations, Class of 2016!

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Congratulations, Class of 2016!

The College again celebrates some strong WACE results this year.

As a non-selective school, we are proud that our student population is a diverse cohort of young adults with a wide range of interests and skills. We appreciate that the Class of 2016 gave much to the life of our College in so many ways beyond the classroom, yet these students also remained set on the central task at hand: as a result, we celebrate some outstanding academic achievements.

We recognise that the notions of ‘excellence’ and ‘success’ are personal measures, unique to each individual, and having the ‘courage to be our best selves’ means that each of us strives to achieve ‘personal bests’ in our various fields of endeavour. At this time of the year, though, we also acknowledge and celebrate some wonderful academic achievements on a state- and nation-wide scale:

In that regard, we are proud to announce that:

  • 6 percent of our eligible Year 12 cohort achieved an ATAR of 99 or above;
  • 22 percent of the Class of 2016 achieved an ATAR of 95 or above;
  • 36 percent of ASC students achieved an ATAR of 90 or above.


  • We celebrate the fact that this year we have not one Dux but two Duces: congratulations to Luke and Jonathan who both achieved a score of 99.8, and to our 2016 Proxime Accessit, Georgia, who achieved an ATAR of 99.65;
  • Luke was also awarded a General Exhibition, placing him in the top 50 students in the state (those with the highest WACE scores based on the average of five scaled scores with at least two from both lists of subjects);
  • Six Certificates of Excellence (achieving in the top 0.5% of candidates) were awarded to All Saints’ students in Biology, Drama, Human Biology; Modern History, Physics, Politics and Law.


‘Leading School’ status

All Saints’ College also celebrates the breadth of its success, achieving ‘leading school’ status in a range of subjects. (This status is awarded to schools based on the percentage of students whose marks are in the top 15% of all students taking that course.) In 2016, All Saints’ College achieved ‘leading school’ status in:

  • Applied Information Technology
  • Biology
  • Computer Science
  • Drama
  • Integrated Science
  • Literature
  • Politics and Law.


NB: To be eligible for this ‘leading school’ status, schools must have at least ten students taking the course: it is worth noting therefore that, in 2016, ASC ran 17 Year 12 courses with fewer than ten students.

(It is also worth noting that, unlike many schools, All Saints’ College has traditionally not imposed strict pre-requisites on our students’ entry into certain subjects: while this obviously and inevitably impacts our median ATAR, it has long been an important principle underpinning our College’s approach to our young people’s studies.)

All at All Saints’ College thank, congratulate and wish well our Class of 2016 as they now embark upon life beyond school, and we look forward to their ongoing association with our community through the Old Saints’ Association and through their ongoing, active participation in the life of our College.


Belinda Provis

“I love that ASC really helps us get ready for the outside world.” (Year 12 student)