Parents and Friends’ Society

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Parents and Friends’ Association (P&F)

What we do

The All Saints’ College Parents and Friends’ Association (P&F) is funded from annual parent subscriptions and incidental fundraising. The P&F uses these resources to meet its objectives which are:

  • to foster and enhance community spirit within the College;
  • to promote in every way the welfare of the College and its students;
  • to support the ideals of Christian education for which the College stands; and
  • to provide a forum at which parents and friends may raise concerns and issues relevant to the College.

Who we are

Executive members are elected at the Annual General Meeting held at the beginning of each school year.

Please be involved

Please feel free to contact the P&F on

We welcome all members to share your ideas and be involved in the College community.

All parents are encouraged and welcome to attend P&F meetings where parents will be:

  • updated on P&F activities,
  • updated from the Principal and the Dean of Junior School on College activities;
  • from time to time, informed of College developments directly from College staff; and
  • invited to share ideas and suggestions.

Full contact details of all Executive members, meeting dates and P&F documents are all available on the P&F page on MyASC.

P&F Sub-committees:

Parent Social Coordinators (PSCs)

The Parent Social Coordinators consist of a small number of parents from each year group, who organise social events for that Year, helping parents get to know and support each other.  Families have shared outings such as dinners, picnics, Dark Zone, Battle Zone, golf, bowling, movie nights, treasure hunts, morning teas, Christmas parties and breakfasts. You can contact the PSC for your year group by emailing – you would put the last two digits of your child’s graduation year in the email.

Friends of Music (FOM)

The friends of Music sub-committee is a group of parents dedicated to supporting the College music program.  Its aim is to build a strong, thriving music community, where everyone feels welcome and gets involved.

John Levingston
Parents and Friends’ President

Mobile: 0418 588 320