Old Saints

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Old Saints

The Former Students’ Association Incorporated, now more affectionately known as the Old Saints, was established in 1986.  It exists to serve the interests of former students of All Saints’ College and to be the primary interface between those students, the College and current students. Its mission is to promote the interests of all these parties in developing and nurturing the All Saints’ College community, and into the 21st century.

The Old Saints’ goals are:

  1. To further the interests and prosperity of All Saints’ College;
  2. To create and sustain a sense of community among former All Saints’ College students of all periods since the school’s foundation in 1980;
  3. To encourage former students to take responsibility for the advancement of Old Saints:
  4. To ensure the continued financial security of Old Saints.

Old Saints is separately incorporated and elects a committee to manage its affairs and liaise with the College. The Association also nominates two members to join the College’s Board.

Life Membership of Old Saints is free to all students who complete at least one year of secondary education at the College.

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