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Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Is it free to list my business on the directory? – Yes it is! 
  • Who can list on the directory? – Any current or former All Saints’ College family is eligible to list their business or service on the directory.
  • Can students list their business or service? – Yes they can! 
  • Do I have to offer a discount to list my business? – No, you do not. Ideally we would like to offer a further incentive to our families to use this service, but if you cannot, then that is ok too.
  • I don’t own a business, can I still list my services? Yes you can! We want to connect people in our community that need a good or service with people in our community that offer that good or service. It is that simple.
  • I am a Grandparent of an All Saints’ student. Can I list my small business? – Yes you can! 
  • I cannot find a category that suits my business. What should I do?First, please put it down as GENERAL in the spreadsheet. If it is determined that an entirely new category needs to be created, then we will.
  • How will it be promoted?All Saints’ College will be promoting this directory inside the Courier, across its social media pages, website, screens at Wanju and inside the Centre for Performing Arts.
  • How do I get involved? – It is simple. Click on the link below to download the spreadsheet, then email it to