Bob Geldof KBE visits All Saints’

Coeducation is education for life. Naturally


All Saints’ College welcomed to the College world-renowned musician and activist, Bob Geldof KBE, as he inspired us in our work, ‘From charity to justice’.  Bob Geldof spoke to a captivated audience of 420 parents, students, staff and special guests. Prior to his 90 minute public presentation, Bob met with 16 students for an informal question and answer session.  The students asked Mr Geldof some challenging questions on justice and were thrilled with the time he dedicated to giving honest and perceptive responses, both from a personal and a broader perspective.

Rather than a sense of entitlement, All Saints’ is committed to fostering young people with a strong sense of responsibility to their communities. In this quest, we are guided by our motto – To serve with wisdom and courage – and take our inspiration from Christ’s model of servant leadership.

Key to this is, firstly, the nurturing of informed and aware students – students whose sights are set beyond their own immediate needs and wants – and students who respond with compassion and empathy to those less fortunate.

These are two important foundation stones of our service learning program, but they alone are not enough. Our students must also then be confident and empowered to act, to make a difference in their world. And part of a call to action is to know what response is required on any given occasion. There is always something we can do, but just what is our best course of action on this occasion, and how do we best identify and then gather the resources we need to achieve our goal, whatever that may be?

There is, for instance, a time to rally a community of support as quickly as possible in order to raise money, to donate clothing or household items in response to a crisis in the world. There is also a time to give of our time, to be present to and for others. Other situations may require us to stand up for ‘the other’ – to advocate – in order to allow justice the opportunity to gain a foothold.

This is part of All Saints’ ‘head, heart and hands’ approach to service, as we strive to achieve our vision – Making a positive difference in our world – and we valued the input of Bob Geldof KBE into this important work to which we are committed.