Chance for young artists to grow with professional mentors

Coeducation is education for life. Naturally

Chance for young artists to grow with professional mentors

A DESIRE to see young performers and artists discover and grow into their potential is the driving force behind The HotHouse Company, an innovative and engaging arts program that links people to industry professionals.

Based at All Saints’ College, Head of the Arts Mr Stephen Roberts is behind the project after recognising there was a lack of real opportunities for young or inexperienced artists to work alongside already-established artists to trigger growth and development.

“There are many youth theatres, community theatre companies, dance schools, music programs, film companies and visual arts-based ventures but there are very few opportunities to engage in all the arts under one roof,” he said.

“The HotHouse Company encourages multi-arts programs that actively look to blur the established lines of genre, form and style.

“As the company grows, we hope to make these opportunities more accessible and available.”

International and local artists and companies involved include the WA Academy of Performing Arts, Black Swan Theatre, LINK Dance Company, UK Olivier Award-winning actor Guy Masterson, photographer Jon Green, dance company Co3, playwright, actor and director Jeffrey Jay Fowler, Brisbane physical theatre Zen Zen Zo, Blue Room Theatre chair Libby Klysz and award-winning stage director Adam Mitchell, among many others.

“The HotHouse Company is a conduit between those wanting to learn from those who already have a career in the industry,” Roberts said.

“The main aim is to establish an environment that is exciting for both the provider and the participant.

“Bringing communities and artists together under one roof will create an awareness of what it takes to create art and even question what art is.”

While The HotHouse Company aims to cater for all, some workshops are dependent on age or skill levels.

“We want to allow for individuals to dip in and out of processes, through experiencing workshops and classes, diverse in content,” Roberts said.

“There is no right way to approach the HotHouse and everyone who experiences it will be provided with something quite unique.

“The HotHouse Company looks to support the artists that enter but, at the same time, allows them the freedom to experiment and foster the notion of pushing boundaries.

“With a clear emphasis on the process, rather than the end product, the experience becomes far more conducive to learning and growing.”

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