All Saints’ Teachers Swim to Rotto for Charity

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All Saints' College sports teachers take part in Rottnest Swim

On Saturday, 25 February four teachers from All Saints’ College (ASC) will
participate in the 2017 Karma Resorts Rottnest Channel Swim, in support of Street
Swags Ltd.

The ‘All Saints’ Salamanders’ team comprising Health and Physical Education
teachers Miss Britt Gray and Mr Damien Stevens, and Year 7 teachers Mr Russ
Haxby and Mr Mitch Jamieson, will soon join thousands of competitors in the 19.7km
open water swim from Cottesloe Beach to Rottnest Island.

The team is participating in the swimming competition to raise funds for Street
Swags Ltd – an organisation which provides lightweight, waterproofed canvas bags
with a high-density foam mattress to homeless people in Australia.

“The more people that know about Street Swags Ltd, the greater their impact,” they

“We are constantly reminded to be grateful of what we have and when you think of
those who are not as fortunate as us, the decision to donate swags seemed to make
a lot of sense.”

The four teachers have been preparing for WA’s most iconic open water swimming
competition for months and have already participated in two events this year, the
Swanny Ocean Classic and the Mirvac Leighton Swim.

“Training sessions on the weekends are the easiest because we are there together,
chatting and laughing…about sharks mostly! None of us were squad swimmers in
school so we have had to work hard to get to a level where we are fit enough to
complete in the race,” they said.

Russ, who his teammates say is the strongest swimmer and have aptly nicknamed
‘Merman’, will start the swim for the ‘All Saints’ Salamanders’ from Cottesloe Beach
for 1km. They will then rotate every six minutes before swimming the final 800m
together, in hopes of breaking the six-hour mark.

While on the journey the swimmers will be surrounded by a support network of
former and current ASC staff as the paddler, boat skipper and crew.

This year will be the third time a staff team from ASC has participated in the Rottnest
Channel Swim, and the second time they have fundraised for a charitable

With each Street Swag costing around $60.00 to produce, the ‘All Saints’
Salamanders’ were aiming to raise at least $1,500 in order to donate 25 bags.
Following the competition these swags will be distributed to local homeless people in
Perth by ASC students who volunteer a morning a week, as part of the school’s
Service Learning program, with the Salvation Army.

The team said they decided to raise money for Street Swags Ltd as it was a local
organisation and they are inspired by their work.