All Saints’ student flies high with aviation award

Less than 12 months after starting training, All Saints’ College Year 11 student, Harriet Holbrook, has won the Australian Women Pilots’ Association (AWPA) WA Branch Aviation Award for 2017.

This award assists female student pilots in their training and includes a $2000 scholarship to put toward a Recreational Pilot License (RPL), Private Pilot Licence, RA-Aus Pilot Certificate, RA-Aus Navigation Endorsement or Gliding Certificate.

Harriet is nearing completion of her RPL and is undertaking final training and examinations with the Royal Aero Club of Western Australia (RACWA) at Jandakot Airport.

In January, with only 40 hours accompanied, and four hours solo flying time under her belt, Harriet took off from one of the shortest and most dangerous runways in the world, Courchevel Airport in the French Alps, with an instructor.

“At first, looking down the runway was daunting but once in the air, it was really beautiful and peaceful. Coming into land was again scary due to the very short length, but it was quite an experience,” she said.

Harriet said she was very surprised and grateful to find out that she had won this year’s award and enjoys achieving goals and the challenge of flying.

“I also really love the peacefulness when flying solo, especially when I fly down to Mandurah,” she added.

Harriet was first inspired to start aviation after she signed up for the Royal Aero Club of Western Australia Young Eagles Program, which introduces students aged between eight and 17 years of age to aviation.